Signature Honey Soaked Chai 120 gms x 6

Signature Honey Soaked Chai 120 Gms X 6
Signature Honey Soaked Chai 120 Gms X 6

Signature Honey Soaked Chai 120 gms x 6

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Experience- Robust malty Assam English Breakfast, blended with selected spices, raw honey from the Australian farms, and roses for a flavor of umami and cup that you will lick till the bottom. 

Ingredients - Assam Black Tea, Organic Australian Honey, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Ginger, Pepper, Cloves, Star Anise, Roses, and Vanilla Beans. 

Brew - Bring one cup of water in a kettle to a full boil, pour it over a heaped teaspoon of chai in a pot, leave it for 3 mins to brew, pour into a cup with a dash of plant-based milk.

Drinking times - Enjoy it as a morning tea or mid-morning desk tea or simply all day any day. 

Benefits - Great for oral health and cleaning any ulcers and bad breath. If you are trying to get rid of coffee addiction, chai is the best approach to put a step forward. Great way to start your day or a mid-morning tea for your work desk with great quality tea, honey, and a combination of spices designed to aid digestion and stabilize mood swings.

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