Vendor Questions and Answers


How will it work? 

We will promote your products to our members for delivery either through our 3PL in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth, or under a drop ship arrangement with your current ordering portal.

In cases where we will be servicing your products, vendors will send in a small consignment of stock, and we will promote these products online. On replenishment of stock, we will send you a purchase order request, and you will charge us for what is sold/replenished.

In cases where we are capturing orders for you to fulfil, we will send through orders to you for processing.

How is this different from other distribution operations?

This is a top-up service to retailers, and a new pathway to market for vendors who find it difficult to get access to retailers through current distribution models.

What type of distribution can we expect?

In cases where we will be servicing your products, all orders placed by 10am M-F will be picked, packed and sent out same day via our national distribution network, with 100% distribution AUSTRALIA wide.

In cases where we are tapping into your existing ordering portal, visibility of your products will be restricted to the postcodes you can currently service. If you would like national distribution, and cannot guarantee delivery everywhere, through your current delivery model, we can service your products through our 3PL.

What are the terms?

Our terms are lower than comparable distribution services, which we are happy to discuss with you directly.

Why so low?

We want to get business moving, and address the ongoing frustration for vendors and retailers alike, of access to more product.

What will retailers pay?

Retailers will pay the wholesale list price you set, because we want retailers to use the service, and they will tell us very quickly if the pricing set by vendors is not competitive. Total transparency!

What is the main benefit to retailers?

We will provide retailers with a central order/payment platform for all products, no matter if we pick orders, or if orders are serviced direct or even locally.

Are there any limitations?

Yes - Through our 3PL we can only deliver non-perishable items, and we will only accept product with a carton weight of 3.6kg or less, and no glass product.

What other benefits can I expect?

The biggest feature of our platform will be the ability for retailers to get what they want, when they want, 24/7, delivered to their store, no matter where they are.

Additionally you will have one account with us, rather than hundreds of individual accounts, mitigating any risk of non-payment by retailers to you, by collecting up-front payments from retailers before any deliveries are made.

How will you promote this platform?

As mentioned members have requested this service, so we already have an audience to generate initial orders of your products.

We have been working with our members for a number of years and over that time we have enjoyed, +80% response rates to requested feedback, 85% member satisfaction ratings, and our email open rates run at +60% which is 5 - 6 times higher than average email open rates for the industry. All this amounts to us being an established and trusted service.

We will also be utilising social media platforms, leveraging our vendor relationships and also engaging our industry associations and memberships.

For more information regarding joining the program as a vendor please email or call:

Craig Matthews
+61 407 467 670