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"I started Stock Box with a vision to give brands a voice and independent retailers more choice, when it came to discovering new products for their business" - Craig Matthews (Founder)


As a child I always remember going to my local corner store to get all of the unique products that I couldn't get at the supermarket.

My local store was full of stuff that the supermarkets did not carry, which made them a unique and exciting place to visit. When cracker night came around I can remember the smell, colour and range of fireworks that were always available from my local store.

Local stores were the place you went to to get all of the products that you couldn't get from the supermarkets.

Since that time I have dedicated my working career to developing retail offers and brands for independent retailers, and while this saw me develop and launch some notable brands such as BP 2Go and Lucky 7, there was always one question that kept coming up from the retailers I would talk to.

"Why are we always the last to know about the latest products?"

It was a great question, and one I have since dedicated my working life to.

What I have discovered is that there is always new products being launched into the marketplace on a daily basis, and the reason you are not finding out about them is usually due on 3 factors:

1. Time
Small business owners are busy people, and from the time they open their doors to the time they close, they have one focus... to serve their customers!

2. Resources
Most small businesses are one or two person operations and so they don't have the time to listen to reps with long sales pitches. One the flip side, most of the innovative products and brands are small operations as well, so they may have great products, but they don't have the field force of the bigger brands.

3. Supply
Probably the biggest reason is access or supply of these products and brands, as many smaller innovative brands either don't want to, or can't afford the high costs imposed on them by distributors.

This is why I started Stock Box to address these issues, of awareness, trial and access, in one platform that promotes all of the products and brands you won't easily find.

If we can support independent operators, with an easier and faster pathway to product discovery, then maybe in a small way, we can turn retailers like yourself into that store of discovery and excitement once again.

Happy retailing

Craig Matthews
Stock Box Founder

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