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Since 2014 Stock Box has been supporting the innovative products and brands that today's shoppers are looking for. We do not carry every new product on the market, we only carry the products that offer your customers something special. We aim to give brands the voice they deserve, and independent retailers more choice when it comes to discovering new products for their business. Founder Craig Matthews explains "I started Stock Box with this vision in mind because I knew these issues existed."


As a child, I always remember going to my nearest corner store for all of the unique products that could not be found at conventional supermarkets. My local store was full of items like fireworks and crackers which were unavailable elsewhere - making each visit an exciting event in itself.

I remember going into the local stores to find products that supermarkets didn't have.

It wasn't until I entered the retail industry and started working with independent retailers that it all made sense, because there were always a few items on their shelves you couldn’t get at your supermarket.

I devoted most of my career developing retail offers and brands for independent retailers, but as the internet started to grow the local store lost its edge, as consumers started to shop and search more online. 

As time has gone by, independent retailers have been left behind when it comes to new product discovery, and one question kept coming up from those I talked with: "Why are we always the last to know about the latest products?"

I was asked this question many times, and it became the driving force behind Stock Box. The answer is actually quite simple: New products come to market on an ongoing basis and it's not your fault you haven't heard of them!

In fact, more than 10 thousand items launch into the marketplace each year globally, while 90% will be discontinued within one or two years. That means only 1/4th of all launches ever make their way onto store shelves for long enough to catch people’s attention before they get pulled off in favour of something else - but this constant churn keeps innovation alive as companies constantly compete with each other to find out what sells best (and often times have no idea!).

We have a world of products at our fingertips, but not every retailer can offer that breadth. This is why we're committed to making it easier for independent operators like yourself and your customers to find the best products!

We've got an online store with more than 40+ suppliers and hundreds of brands - enough variety in one place to suit every type of retail business. And if you can't find what you're looking for among all these options? Shoot us an email or give us call;

Happy retailing

Craig Matthews
Stock Box Founder

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